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    CIRSC 2004

The first China International Rescue and Salvage Conference was held in Harbin from 8th-10th, Sep, 2004. Themed as “exchange academic viewpoints and discuss about the rescue & salvage technology development trend”, it was attended by 160 scholars from home and abroad, distinguished guests and exhibitors on behalf of 85 domestic and overseas institutions. Among the present were deputies and experts from International Rescue & Salvage Organization, Rescue & Salvage Organization of Great Britain, America, Japan, Norway and Singapore and so on; experts and scholars from China Navy System, Offshore Oil System, Irrigation and Electrical System, Rescue & Salvage Bureau of the provincial and municipal levels, Underwater Engineering Service Institution and some related research institutions; deputies from Hong Kong and Taiwan. The three-day long China International Rescue & Salvage Forum was highly represented in the rescue & salvage academia and it was the first International Rescue & Salvage Seminar of great significance since the founding of Rescue & Salvage Institute 20 years ago.
This conference was mainly about International academic exchange and discussion on rescue & salvage. Rescue and salvage expert, engineering technician and researchers from home and abroad carried out serious discussion and study with regards to the rescue & salvage works, extensively exchanging the experiences and achievements related to marine rescue & salvage, route-clearing salvage, oil sucking from a sunken ship,underwater project operation and technology, diving equipment development, medical support for the diving and research on the medical science of deep diving.

Exhibitors from 10 domestic and overseas rescue & salvage equipments manufacturing companies were present in the seminar to display their latest technologies and products, make introductions about their companies and speeches for products promotion. Their activities not only enriched the seminar, but also facilitated the new technologies and products to be spread and applied in the rescue & salvage areas.
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